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Kids Celebration

Kids Celebration
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Kids Celebration


Kids Celebration is the #1 family game show for groups of all ages, featuring fun, interactive competitions that invite the entire audiences to participate.

Kids Celebration is a highly creative game show that is skillfully produced for children and parents to enjoy together, while also inviting the whole audience to participate. Kids Celebration is a "fun-tastic" family experience unlike any other game show. Kids are electrified by the colorful stage, music and games that are designed to foster friendly, team-style competition. This show guarantees laughter as children engage one another in an all-out extravaganza.

Kids Celebration was created by Dr. Bill Buchanan, Ph.D. Bill earned his doctorate in recreation and taught at a university as a professor of recreation and leisure studies for over 20 years. He recently retired to to devote full time to Kids Celebration and consulting.

The majority of game shows that have been produced center their focus on a few audience members, but Bill has raised the bar with Kids Celebration. This show is a purposeful experience created as a professional entertaining environment involving every person in every audience. The show is 100% interactive and includes unique and funny games that can be played by people of all ages. In addition to the game show, the Kids Celebration team offers an interactive velcro experience.

Kids Celebration exists to create memorable experiences for kids and their parents, and has been produced to encourage adults and parents to laugh and play along with kids.

Booked in partnership with WOW Attractions.